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Welcome! I’m Florian and I’m the Lead Developer at Qype. We started this blog to show some of the cool things we are doing and talk about stuff we learned while scaling and improving Qype.

In 2010 we began experimenting with some skunkworks projects. Playing around with cool ideas we have without necessarily implementing them in Qype directly. We want to use this blog to show them to you.

We also started to ramp up our involvement in Open Source. As a platform that’s completely based on Open Source software we always felt we needed to give back more, which is not easy in the day-to-day life. But I hope we can announce some of it very soon.

So, what better way is there to kick things off than with a random xkcd comic?

Every computer, at the unreachable memory address 0x-1, stores a secret.  I found it,  and it is that all humans ar-- SEGMENTATION FAULT.

None, obviously.

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Written by Florian Munz on May 7th 2010. Category: Everything else

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